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Configuring a Kinesis Ergo Advantage

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I had to reset my keyboard and I had forgotten the setup that I need to do in order to get it configured the way I like it. In case anyone else ever wants to set theirs up, here is mine:

  • To disable tones used by Caps Lock, Keypad, and others, hold down Progrm and press the hyphen (-) key. Repeat to turn then back on.
  • To disable key click audio hold down Progrm and press the Backslash key (“”) located just below the hyphen key)
  • Remapping embedded Insert key to top layer (This is critical for ReSharper):
    If you would like to remap the embedded Insert key to the top layer, follow these instructions:
    1). Turn Keypad On.
    2). Press and hold the Progrm key and tap F12 (LED’s on keyboard will flash rapidly).
    3). Press and release the “Insert” key (LED’s will slow down).
    4). Press and release the Keypad key.
    5). Press and release the Insert key again (LED’s will speed up).
    6). Exit by repeating step 2 (LED’s will stop flashing).
  • Hold ‘=’ and press ‘w’ in a text editor. Hold ‘=’ and press ‘s’ and you should see:
    v3.1[SL K H e ] or v3.2[SL K H e ]
    - Thumb key modifier keys are optimized for Windows
    - Keypad = is the same as Number row =
    - Scroll lock performs scroll lock action
    - Keyboard stays awake when computer sleeps setting is active
    - Fast mouse speed is set on

You can use whatever macros you like, but this setup is most conducive to my workflow.