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Ninject.Extensions.Interception 2.0 Released!

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On the heels of the Ninject 2.0 release, I am happy to announce the release of the Ninject Interception Extension 2.0. This release provides API backward compatibility for the 1.5 version as well as new method interception, enhanced binding syntax, automatic property changed notification, as well as support for Castle DynamicProxy 2.2 and LinFu DynamicProxy. I will be writing a follow up post about the new features and usage patterns.

I want to thank Krzysztof Ko┼║mic for his help with the Castle DynamicProxy 2.2 integration and Michael Hart for letting me merge his Ninject 1.5 method interception code into the new extension.

You will find downloads on the GitHub dowload page for .NET 3.5, Silverlight 3, and Mono 2.0. For those using automatic module loading or only want to use one DynamicProxy dependency without worrying about delay loading, there are three .NET 3.5 downloads: Castle+LinFu, Castle, and LinFu. Go get it!