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Ninject Available via Horn

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You can now build Ninject for both the 1.X and 2.0 code bases with Horn now. I would like to thank the Horn developers and mailing list for answering my questions and lending a hand.

If you haven’t heard of Horn, you should definitely check it out. Taking Horn for a test drive is a great getting started article. To install Ninject using Horn is pretty easy:

// install Ninject 1.X
horn -install:ninject
// install Ninject 2.0
horn -install:ninject -version:2.0

You will notice that Ninject 2.0 will compile a lot faster than 1.X as it does not have the Castle dependencies that the Ninject 1.X code base has. Very cool stuff. I always liked portage in Gentoo Linux; I am happy that it has a .NET sibling now.

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