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Extensions for Ninject 2.0

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We have been hard at work trying to get Ninject 2.0 released. Integral to the release is a set of extensions to help you build your application. Here is a list of of current extensions for Ninject 2.0 that we have hosted on GitHub:

Ninject.Extensions.Conventions: Assembly scanning and convention based binding system.
Ninject.Extensions.Interception: Proxy/Interception module compatible with Ninject 1.X interception implementation.
Ninject.Extensions.Logging: Logging providers currently supporting NLog and Log4net.
Ninject.MockingKernel: Integration between Ninject and Moq & RhinoMocks
Ninject.Extensions.Messagebroker: Attribute based pub/sub message broker.
Ninject.Extensions.Wcf: WCF service injection and management integration
Ninject.Extensions.WeakEventMessagebroker: Attribute based pub/sub message broker using weak references to automatically release handlers and events.
Ninject.Web: Integration between Ninject and ASP.NET
Ninject.WebSite: The Ninject 2 web site powered by Ninject and Ninject.Web.Mvc
Ninject.Web.Mvc: Integration between Ninject and ASP.NET MVC

I will try to do an intro of most of them soon so that you can get a feel for what they can help you accomplish.

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